My mother is 83 y/o; nursing home resident; hx of ruptured brain aneurysm 28 years ago; bed-bound - needs Hoyer Lift to transport her from bed to chair; non-ambulatory -- unable to bend her legs. Chronic pain in legs and feet; poor circulation; Doppler Study revealed stenosis - occlusion in right leg and diminished pulses in left leg/foot. Dementia with aphasia; difficult to communicate her needs; but responds to pain; recognizes caregivers and myself and other family members; able to feed self with assistance; vital signs are good. In all likelihood, my mother will pass from some type of cardiovascular or cerebrovascular event. She is unable to "exercise" or do much more than lay in bed or sit (uncomfortably) in a wheel chair. Poor quality of life. Wish I had a magic ball to predict how much longer she will live like this...anyone have similar experience? Should we shift to palliative care or Hospice?

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Absolutely shift to palliative care (or hospice).
Don't even think twice about it.

Sometimes we "prolong death" instead of adding life.
Her situation sounds hellish.
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Thank you. Your response is helpful -- I have an appointment with Hospice on Saturday at the nursing home.
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Contact Hospice. It's a hard decision but knowing nothing is going to improve, it's the kind thing to do. I wish we had put my mother on Hospice care from day one but sadly, we pushed and pushed for her to do PT in hopes of finding her some quality of life. It was useless and we made her suffer longer for it. She was basically "healthy" also. Except for vascular dementia, (horrible depression and anxiety that went with it) terrible eye sight and needing a walker for neuropathy from spinal stenosis. She developed heart failure a few months back and that is what ultimately took her. Hospice was our final gift to her to allow her to have peace.
A great big hug for you through this journey.
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