Hello everyone, I am new to the caregiver game but ready to pull my hair out. My husband and I moved my now 90 and 89 year old parents in 2.5 years ago. Dad 89 is competent but mom is 90 with dementia and Parkinson's disease. She has a UTI and getting pills down her even ones that she has taken for years has been a nightmare. Any tips would help! Thanks in advance

Some medications are available in liquid form. One of Moms antibiotics was specified as liquid. Much easier to shoot in. Moms other meds that can be crushed are scooped in with some chocolate ice cream. She hates pudding and applesause but somehow we stumbled on chocolate ice cream and success rate is amazing. Her one med that’s time release can’t be crushed, but is ok to open the capsule and sprinkle the contents, onto the spoon of ice cream. Check with the pharmacy to see if there are options or suggestions.
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OldSailor Dec 19, 2018
I tried the ice cream trick also and it worked great. She even seemed to enjoy her ice cream treat. But I also discovered that unless the pills were crushed to a powder she would find the small lumps of it and spit them out. So I used a mortar and pedistal (sp) to really crush them.
SNF cannot take the time to do this. And that apple sauce trick does not work on all people.
Are they crushable (ask the pharmacist)? If they are you could try mixing them in pudding, applesauce or jam.
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Corndoglora Dec 18, 2018
Thank you so much. I will.

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