I'm currently having problems finding a decent care facility in my area that excepts Medicaid for my 92 year old mom!


She is currently at a care facility (private pay) that does not except medicaid once her savings are depleted. I've looked into quite a few long-term care facilities, but they do not except medicaid! I can't see my Mom in a less then acceptable place! She has been at the "Moorings in Arlington Heights, IL since June of this year! Her care there is very good and she likes it there. Unfortunately, her assets will not allow her to stay there for no longer then (1) year. Would appreciate your help!


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Daffy, Leington on Roselle Road in Schaumburg takes Medicaid. It is a wonderful facility. Be sure you let facilities know that mom has private pay for a year. That may well make a difference.
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Jeannegibbs is so right about don't judge a book by its cover. My Dad was in a rehab/nursing home years ago that when you drove up to it, you would put the car immediately in reverse.... not going there !!! But it was the only bed available.

Inside the walls were drab and the place felt it needed to be at least in the 20th century but we found the Staff was very good, quite observant, Dad enjoyed his rehab time, and he said he liked all the meals... I even stayed for lunch and dinner one time and he was right, the meals were good :) There even was a computer for the residents to use to get their emails.
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Many places will not accept new residents on Medicaid, but some will waive that rule for persons who have been private pay for a certain length of time. Have you discussed this recently with Moorings?

If you went in knowing that the maximum Mom could stay would be less than 2 years, I guess you need to be grateful for the good care and nice place she has had to date. And continue the search for another acceptable place that does take Medicaid. Nursing Homes are more apt to than other kinds of long term care. Does she need skilled nursing?

I don't know how it is in your area of IL, but in MN it would be accurate to conclude that only "unacceptable" facilities accept Medicaid. And keep in mind that even if a building is quite dated, a place can have excellent caregivers and lots of activities. It is one of those situations where you can't judge a book by its cover.

Also start gathering what you'll need to apply for Medicaid. It can be a long process and you don't want to wait until the last minute.

As general advice to others who may be reading this, if your loved one will not be able to private pay for the length of stay he or she may need, it is worth it (IMO) to look high and low for a facility that will accept Medicaid after a specified period of private pay. Saves doing the search all over again, gives you more options, and eliminates the distress of moving.
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There are websites that help you locate the facilities that you need. I've read good things about A Place for Mom, so Google that.

So check out the blue box on the right side of your screen and type in a zip code, you will need to fill out an application and someone will call you.

Some facilities will say "no" if they have no beds available, but it would be difficult for them to know what will be their bed count next May. If you do find something nice, put down a deposit to hold the next available bed. That would mean Mom would have to move within a couple of days, or you could say put me next on the list.
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