Trouble eating and drinking. Once meds where off she gets better again. She needs something what shud I do? Doctor says there is not much else & all sedatives act the same.

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Atevan-Lorazapan is the only med that Mom did not have terrible side effects with. Xanax was not helpful al all. We started .5 as needed then I began doubling after 3 years...they have liquid Atevan under the tongue /cheek works fantastically fast! Mom got sober @ 85 this became her 6 hour happy cocktail time. Why are family & daughters & caregivers given the job to figure out what meds work? I'm exhausted and not a neurologist nor psychiatrist. Other than dementia Mom is a healthy vegetarian and hates taking pills. Everything but Atevan made her dementia worse. Depokote for her bipolar like behavior (advanced dementia)
Really changed her...started falling for first time. We're sick of being a laboratory...where do we go for help? The primary docter 'experts' are clueless. Can't wait till the day comes the protocol is set and no more suffering & insanity for all of us! That day can't come soon enough for millions of us!
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have you tried cutting the pills in half to give her a lower dose?
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Willy, that is unusual as Xanax .25mg is a "light dusting" compared to the higher dosages.

It could be how the pill is manufactured. Pills have "fillers" [lactose, sucrose, magnesium stearate, glucose, etc] that helps make the pill large enough to handle. If someone is lactose-intolerate to dairy, a pill with lactose could cause stomach upsets.

Pills have "binders" [microcrystalline cellulose, malitol, sorbitol, etc] that help keep the pill to stay together.

And pills have "coatings" to help make the pill easier to take [such as shellac or wax] . There could easily be something that causes a unusual reaction.

Years ago I was on a certain prescription medicine and was having terrible side effects. After a lot of trial or error, I found one pharmaceutical manufacture that had the best combination. The druggist was very helpful and would order the pills from that manufacture.

Turned out my own Mom had the same issues whenever she used a different manufacturer.... we were so surprised when I discussed this with her that she could only use pills from the same company that I was using.

Xanax is a white pill, so luckily no dyes are used.

Anyway, it is food for thought.
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