My sister is keeping mom from us and everything is secrets, mom is unhappy where my sister has dumped her with a son and unknown sitter. When she calls crying to come get her we are afraid they will not allow us to take her meds she is not incompentent just some short term memory loss and can not live on her own

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What would sister's side of this story be? Mom may be legally incompetent if her memory loss is why she can't live alone. Are you sure she is truly unhappy and badly cared for, or just confused and wishing/hoping things could be better? We certainly have had both kinds of stories on here, both elders being poorly treated, and elders being catered to in every possible way and still complaining to everyone about their caregiver who is actually doing everything possible under the circumstances. It is so hard and sad to see a family torn apart by these things...sometimes it is misunderstanding or underestimation of how impaired the elder actually is, and sometimes it really is bad intent and power or money-grabbing on the part of one or the parties.

To answer the actual question you asked though, if you could find out where the meds are obtained you could get refills if you have the POA; alternatively, you might have to find out who the physician is and get new Rxs to bring elsewhere.
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