What is available to prevent my mother's falls, her legs are still strong but she doesn’t have the balance she used to have?

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I would suggest getting her a walker. You can either get the simple kind that has only 2 wheels, or the fancier kind with 4 wheels and a seat.
is it possible for an elderly lady to regain her reflexes?
Have you talked to her doctor of what can be used and if her insurance will cover for the equipment like a walker? The doctor or his nurse may be able to help you out. Make sure their are no throw rugs or any stuff in her way where she walks as well.
In addition to the walker, maybe the doctor could recommend physical therapy. My MIL had physical therapy outside the home and my mother had physical therapy at home. In both cases, it helped considerably. Not sure if medicare pays for it. But I think they will pay for 1 walker every 4 or 5 years or so. Good luck.
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My dad is having physical therapy to help with his balance. We are given weekly exercises to practice at home. His dr ordered it & Medicare pays for it. Make sure she has good fitting shoes & uses a cane or walker. Good luck!
My dad was given this amazing light weight, and slim walker that has a seat when he gets tired. It just hand locks when he needs to sit, and the seat is right there for him. It s a God send. He was very unstable which was a huge problem. Plus, our house is small, and has small door openings. This thing is very light, and maneuverable for getting into tight spaces. Hope this might help.
In addition to the great suggestions already given, maybe have your mom checked for an inner ear issue. If she's otherwise strong, it's worth checking.
A rollator works great for my mom! The 4 wheels allow much smoother walking, which actually encourages her to keep moving far more than a walker did. We got a prescription for it through a physical therapist, so Medicare covered it. It will pay off to get one with a seat (for resting/less anxiety about getting "stuck" somewhere) and a basket (to carry mail, a magazine, tissues, purse, whatever). It's no big deal to fold it and put it in the car trunk or backseat. I insist on taking it whenever we go out. Without this, she might not even leave her room!
Does your mother have any dementia? I have found that even though my cousin is supposed to use her cane when walking outside, she forgets to do it or doesn't think it's that important. That is of concern if her memory is at issue.
My Mom uses one of the rolling walkers with a seat that has storage underneath, and she loves it. She calls it her "filing cabinet" because it can hold so much stuff. She even helps me carry groceries inside!

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