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I'm interested to hear the answers to this one! I've been the caretaker for my dad for the past 5 years. It had a devastating effect on my work and personal life. I would love to hear if there was some relief. My dad has some money. But, he has it all tied up to be divided evenly after he dies. I could really use some now!
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I heard there may be something in the new Health Care system they are devising.
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My daughter had to stopp working to care for. Is there anyway for her to get little help with money? I do not want to go in a home.
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comment-as a caregiver for my wife--something has to be done to support staying at home (buying meals,house keeping, etc) to avoid the excessive cost of assisted living--this would also reduce medicaid funding--i have been told to divorce my wife of 56 years or innitiate SPOUSAL REFUSAL if nursing home care becomes an option
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I know if sounds like something one might find tucked somewhere inside Obama Care, but to my understanding, there is no provision. Figures.
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The system is so screwd up! You have to wait until you are dirt broke before you can get help and then you wind up being another person or family that soley relies on the govt. You would think they try to offer something to prevent that from happened.
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I have not heard anything about this either. Probably this means there is no such provision.
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I would love this also. I gave up my job, friends and family to move from Chicago to Florida to take care of my Dad. I didn't really think of the things that I was giving up at the time because I wanted to be there for him. Now that I'm here, I am wondering if I made the right decision for myself. I lost my income and when traveling down here both cars broke down and are still broke down. I wish that there was some type of help for caregivers that take care of our seniors. I think that I recently read somewhere that Japanese people are required to do this. I know that I'm rambling but I'm here to say that I know where all of you are coming from. Hang in there. Something good is going to happen for all of us.
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If your Dad has his money all tied up, then he probably
has a lawyer who drew up the necessary documents.
Is he is only physically impaired then perhaps you
could go with him to his lawyer and have some
adjustments made. Perhaps some of his
assets could be moved to a trust fund to
be used to pay his expenses and to pay
you a salary as his caregiver. The residue
of the trust fund would be divided according
to his will.
If he is not mentally competent to make
any legal changes to his finances, perhaps
you could talk to the other beneficiaries
of his will, and ask them to contribute
financially to his care. Even if you
are only supervising his care by
home-aides or in a nursing home,
you are still doing work that would
otherwise need to be handled by
a case-manager - for a fee. You
could ask to be paid a reasonable
fee for acting as case-manager.
A good estate lawyer or elder-care lawyer
could tell you what you can legally
and reasonably ask for - but make
sure you bring them a good written
description of what you do for your
father, what his assets are, and what
the costs are to you both in money
and in time. Lawyers charge $400/hour and more,
so you want to make efficient use of
your lawyer's time, and reading takes
less time than listening.
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I know there's a bill waiting to raise the medicaid look back to10 years! My Attorney told me about it. He said it has too many loop holes in it right now to be signed but the revised one will soon be in the works...What they are trying to do is force people to buy long term health insurance!
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