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Following up on my FIL in NC... After 3 long weeks of work, he is now on Medicaid and in an ALF. But they are telling his family that he needs to have a prescription drug plan, such as Medicare Part D (I presume). The problem is, neither he nor MIL (she is still alive) *ever* had Part D. My wife looked into it about a year ago, when he needed some expensive medicine, but the "catch up" costs because he never had it would have been worse than paying for the medicine!

Can anyone enlighten me about what it means to both be on Medicaid *and* have some type of prescription drug plan?



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If he is low income and on Medicaid, go on the Social Security website and apply for Extra Help. This is a low income drug plan. I’m not sure I don’t think the Part D penalty will apply. There is no cost for this program, but it significantly reduces drug costs. Some generics are as low as $3.00 for a 90 day supply. Some higher cost drugs will be $8.00 per month. Ex. 30-day supply of Eliquis.

Extra Help is a great plan for those who qualify.
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In the State of NJ, you need to pick a Medical plan and a prescription plan when on Medicaid. Your inlaws should have received paperwork showing what Healthcare companies they can pick from. Same with prescription plans. My nephew is on BC/BS NJ and United Health for prescriptions. They must pick plans. This "is" their Medicaid. They may have copays and deductables depending on their income.

If they are having trouble making selections, see if your County Office of Aging can help them.
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