My father has a pension and a small nest egg. He needs to be moved to an assisted living facility as my sister and I cannot continue to split this duty. We do not have the money to pay for 24-hour in home care or a bed in an assisted living facility. He has a reverse mortgage and will be obligated to begin paying it back once the house is no longer his primary residence. I need a solid plan for the transition. I have POA and have been managing his finances. I want to make sure his money is spent wisely on him and not sucked up by some program of facility while there is a degree of control over it. Thank you in advance for any advice and experience shared.

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From what I have read you need to spend down the money if the income is too high. It seems that locating a facility would be something done further down the road. If you apply there are penalties and delays if you do not have thing prepared like this income discrepancy in advance. What incentive would a facility have in spending time with people that are unlikely to be eligible? I have read there are waiting lists for Medicare beds. By the time my father might be ready chances are there would not be anything available there.
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A good facility will provide you with a free benefits consultant and also walk you through the Medicaid process. Work with them.
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