How do I prepare for nursing home when time comes? -

How do I prepare for nursing home when time comes?


My Mom's income is $701 ss and $586 rental income. that is her total income, her house note is $1,100. how do i find nursing homes that will accept her?

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Generically speaking, she (not you) will private pay until there are no more assets to use or sell. Then she (with your help) will apply for the state Medicaid fund for people with no assets. Her monthly social security and other income will be sent to the nursing home as "representative payees".

The nursing home business office coordinates the billing to Medicare & Medicaid. I'm about to enter this territory with my mom and have been prepping for it for about a year. I'm working with the social worker in the office of the nursing home, to estimate when we should apply. I'm in the process of selling off property to eliminate any assets of value that can contribute funds for her care while we spend down the cash in her bank account.

Some states have recovery laws and some do not. You should meet with an elder law specialist to understand what your mom's obligations & situation is, what you need to get together, and if you yourself could have any financial involvement along the way or after she passes. Better to be informed than taken by surprise with a Medicaid fund recovery bill to offset what the state spent on your mom.
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Your profile says your Mom lives at home, does that mean she own another property, her primary residence? Or is she in independent living, etc?

Each State is different has their own rules and regulations for Medicaid. It would be best to call your Mom's State Medicaid office, or contact an Elder Law attorney to see what would be the best route to take. It can be a maze.

Example, one suggestion might be your Mom could sell the rental property and use said equity to help pay her way at a nursing home until that money runs out, then Medicaid would kick in to help pay. If your Mom still has her house, the State could place a lien on the property which would become payable upon your Mom's passing.
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You will have to investigate. My mom had hardly any income. When her savings of $17,000 ran out, she got Medicaid through the social worker ar the nursing home. They kept the pension and SS checks.
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