What all is needed to take her out of the nursing home? I am only 25, I have a stable Monday-Friday full time job and i live with my significant other of 7years in a 1BR apartment in Philadelphia ,PA She lives in Lancaster county and we really want her out of the nursing home. I or my oldest sister will take her in but what steps are needed?? PLEASE HELP!

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Is your GM able to make decisions for herself? How did the Office of Aging become her POA? I think these questions might have a bearing on the answer about getting POA.

Does GM need 24/7 tending-to? Since she is in a nursing home I assume she cannot live alone. What are her impairments?

Three adults in a one-bedroom apartment sounds stressful. Who would care for GM while you work? What is your sister's situation? I think you need a much more detailed plan of how things would happen if you are able to get her out of the NH.

Do you visit often in the NH? Were you close to GM before she needed a care center? Have you ever taken care of an adult, or seen a caregiving situation up close and personal?

I think if we had a little more information about your grandmother's health and mental capacity and also about your plans for her, someone might be able to point you in specific directions.
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