How can i makes sure the new poa laws are being carried out by my mothers lawyer and brother- who said he was now the me dpoa but i had been caring for mom and she wanted me to be med poa for oer 13 yrs?
i found out the poa wasnt changed-but he said it was- he put his name on when he took her out of state and put her in nh-

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The big difference is that a person with a regular POA should merely be doing what they are told or given authority over by the person who assigned them to be their POA. A guardian is appointed by a judge and makes all the decisions (money, medical care, housing) for their ward and reports to a judge.

People can easily change their POA from one person to another or take it away all together.
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thanks for your reply-
i dont think that there is really anything i can do about this-
its just so hard to accept it and let it go- uknow?
so frustrating-and infuriating and painful-
love to u
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I think a lot of people put too much reliance on POA. I just found out recently that this can be changed when siblings are involved. The parent is not cognizant of what is happening (or Thinks they do) and sign the new POA.

I always wondered why father got Guardianship and Not POA. I just recently read here that Guardianship is better in that the person who is named Guardian (by doctor's letter, lawyer and court documented) has firmer control of finances, etc. I know that father has financial, land-wise and medically is mom's Guardian. Whereas a POA can be changed. Does that make sense?

As for making sure the new POA is carried out - only the legal POA can ensure that. Court and police and elderly abuse organizations will not interfere unless there is obvious signs of danger to self or others. I may be wrong but this is what I've been reading on the different threads here. I have absolutely no experience on this. So sorry but I was hoping someone with experience would answer your question.
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