I am my dad's POA (health & financial) my dad's wife's daughter is my her POA (health & financial). Can the daughter move her mother, who recently had a stroke, to a different state without her consent or my dad's consent.

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No, but I've seen a doctor over ride a spouse's desire to take his wife home after a broken hip without going to rehab which in my mother's case did not work. Even at that time, my step-dad was in a wheel chair and unable to take care of her. In that situation, I stepped in as her medical POA and supported the doctor's idea to send her to rehab which was also a nursing home where she ended up living. The nursing home doctor did not consider her a safe discharge and thus would not release her into my step-dad's care. Somehow, his one helper and he thought they could take care of her although she was completely ambulatory. All I ever did was support the doctor's ideas as her medical POA and that's how things went. Maybe I was wrong, but she lived longer for it.
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NO. A POA can only carry out the wishes of the grantor. A POA cannot override spousal rights. Your father should call the police.
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