We have had 3 attempts to move them in.they rebuke each time. mom has had 6 falls this year 3 trips by rescue. She is now getting confused and Dad has dementia,both have hip replacements, and Dad has had a knee replacement. I have tried social workers, independent agency and nothing can convince them. My husband and I are primary caregivers, and it is now becoming over whelming to care for them and their home, as well as our own. I had major surgery a month ago and can not recuperate without them needing something everyday. They are very stubborn, and don't want to help themselves nor do they care about what they are doing to their children.If my husband had not lost his job last year I don.t know what I would have done, insane asylum I guess.

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I used my DPOA to sign my mother (with dementia) into assisted living. She had originally agreed to go then the day before the move, she backed out. She was adament that she was not going. My brother took her "for a drive" and we got her to the facility. I completed all the paperwork while the staff kept her occupied. Her doctor had completed the necessary paperwork for admission and I signed everything. Good luck to you. This has been a very difficult time for me. My mom still wants to go home everyday, but I know that she is in the right place.
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