Mom has been going down hill health wise and no longer makes good decisions with her finances. She is hospitalized, diagonsed only 50% decision making, hospital appoint me 2 make decisions she come home tmo. she lives with me I'm only child she can no longer keep a correct checkbook she has made calls to notices mailed to her saying she won a cash prize but needs to give her bank info to have money deposited her health is deteriorating I'm worried about her well being I'm already sole beneficiary but am afraid she might be target of a scam.

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Regarding Power of Attorney, only your Mom can make you her Power of Attorney. Do you think she would be able to understand this type of legal document and would be able to sign?

You would need to contact an Elder Law Attorney to set up this document, both you and your Mother would need to sign it. But if the Attorney sees that your Mom cannot understand what she is signing, he/she would not allow her signature.
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Remove everything to do with banking - statements, checkbooks - lock them away so she doesn't have access to her bank account number. In fact this would be a good opportunity to suggest a trip to the bank to change the account number and add your name to the account for checkwriting purposes. You could say the bank called you and wants you and your mom to come in to do this. She doesn't need to be writing checks any more, you can take that over. Have bills paid online, or automatically deducted from the account.... She most probably is or will be the target of a scam and believe me, I could write a book about my mother and my experiences with scammers. It starts out slowly, $5 here and there, and escalates very quickly indeed, so watch out for it and nip it in the bud.
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