A shady person took advantage of an elderly person that I know. He put an harassment charge on me when I found where she was. I was not charged, but told to take it to a higher court. I did not have money. Judge ruled if POA did not want me to see her, I could not. Thinking back, I don't think he really ever had power of attorney. The will I believe is forgery, fraud, undue influence. This shady handy man got over 1/2 million dollars left to him. I need to fight this and put him behind bars - I have been to attorneys. My friend died this past June, they say they have a signed will. I do not believe it was her signature. At 92 years of age. The will I always seen was leaving her estate to Animal Friends as she had no children. I have found a first cousin. Please help! This man belongs in jail, and I will spend my last dime putting him there for what he did to her and me. Where can I get a copy? I live in Pittsburgh, PA - allegheny county. Please advise.

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This person would have had to produce the original POA document to the judge. As for the Will, that would have been produced in probate court and the judge presiding there. My advice is cut your losses and walk away.
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