Two of my uncles and my aunt have treating my mom, (who has POA) like absolute trash. They are always accusing her of wasting my Grandma's money, of not telling them things about her care, and not involving them in decisions, etc. I think she should flex that POA and refuse them access to my Grandma completely until they can apologize or she passes on. Whichever comes first. Can she legally do that? None of them are in a place to start or finance a legal battle.

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If you were to restrict access to her, then the family dysfunction would become YOUR daily nightmare. Do not do that. If you were the one providing care then hours that mom would be at her best woyld be reasonable. If the uncles are causing problems for Mom, then the facility may suggest reasonable times for visits based on Mom's needs and health.
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Not legally and not ethically either. The only circumstances in which a power of attorney might possibly be used in this way would be if your uncles were treating your *grandmother* badly - and their asking pertinent questions about financial and care decisions being made for your grandmother is not wrong and not unreasonable. Having said that, for you to be this angry with them it sounds as if they could do with adjusting their attitude - but that is another question.

Your grandmother has a right to contact with her children, is the point. If your mother has issues with her brothers, or if you have issues with your uncles, then that's between you; and I would encourage you to encourage your mother to express her feelings to them. But it is plain wrong to use your grandmother as some kind of bargaining chip to force an apology from them. Don't do it.
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Is grandma being cared for at home? Her home or your mom's home? Is there a caregiver contract in place?

POA does not mean you get to determine who sees the grantor ( in most situations). Are Aunt and Uncles causing grandma agitation?

Has your mom set up a CaringBridge site to keep the family informed ?
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