she has 2 daughters that are drunks and druggies and they keep going to the facility and upsetting her and trying to make her sign papers. is there any way we as her poa's can keep them away from the facility. they have been made to leave because of coming to see her drunk. we have had poa since 2011 while my husbands mom was still in good health. and those kids have been abusive verbally to her for many years, and that is why she appointed us as her poa.

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When I signed my Mom into memory care, I was asked to complete forms that stated any exclusions to visiting and who was allowed to take her out of the facility. I am sure this was for exactly the situation you describe. Tomorrow morning, call the executive director.
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Talk to the administrator of the facility and ask what methods exist to keep these people away. Be sure to explain the issue of substance abuse and their negative influence over your MIL.

I'm not sure how they would screen, as in my experience many facilities are open and anyone can walk in, but I would think that this issue isn't so isolated that no procedures are in place.

You could also try to get an injunction. Contact either your local police department or the county courthouse. Ours has a small department to specifically deal with injunctive relief.
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