She is having trouble paying her bills and affording groceries and will not let me help with her bills. She has taken out at least one loan and possibly another. Now she can't afford groceries or much else.

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When elders start messing up the money or the meds, it is time to appoint a Guardian.
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If mom is hard & fast against oversight or of your being able to do your required fiduciary duty as her dpoa, then your going to have to look into getting guardianship.

HSN is the devil. Yours is not the first post to tell of parents home filled with hsn boxes and debt on crap. As DPOA you can send each shopping co a certified letter with a return registered postcard (both from uspo & under $ 8.00) to cancel & close put her account and send a 2nd notice 31 days later.

How is mail & packages debt with at the IL.? If its centralized mail, I'd speak with biz office to hold her mail & packages for you to review & you return all with a copy of the cancelation of account letter and that any future packages will be returned & not paid. If its delivered to her apt, you just have to find the boxes & do letter and return. See of you can squeeze the crap into those low cost 1 rate boxes at the uspo.....

You as DPOA send a fraud alert letter to each of the big 3 credit reporting co on moms behalf. it will shut down her charging stuff as the order won't go through.

Now the bigger problem will be that mom is likely at the cliff in being ok for IL. I'd suggest you be proactive in all this and start looking for a place for mom in either AL or NH. If mom is poor, then you are gong to have to deal with medicaid & find a place that will take her "Medicaid Pending". Read up on the many many posts on this site about the process......and start getting organized to do this.
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Thank you for your answer. HSN, and other shopping networks are big problems! She has also started doing things like buying two home monitors in case she gets sick or falls. I had to mail
the one back. She really can't even afford the one. I paid the shipping on the one
to get it sent back because they kept calling her. I have three sisters no help at all.
I have tried to talk to her about assisted living. She said she will not move.
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No, you are not responsible for any loans that your Mom has taken out unless you had co-signed directly on those loans, nor for any bills that are only in her name.

You will need to take over the bills for your Mom as she is not handling her money correctly.... has she always been like that or is it her memory problem [per your profile]? What ever you do, do NOT use your own money to pay the bills, otherwise your Mom will expect you to bail her out each time.

I see your Mom is living at Independent Living, you might need to talk to her that she might have to move into something smaller and less expensive because she is spending too much money. What is she buying that is making her want to take out loans [I assume the store front loan companies]?
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