My mother, who has Alzheimer's, now is having problems swallowing her food. I have already called the Ombudsman due to issues at this medicaid nursing home. Not enough staff, poorly trained staff, etc.. This nursing home is close by and I can visit my mother every day. However, the care is not always adequate and I have lost more than a few days of sleep when issues arise. At this point, I have also talked to her doctor regarding the care. Her doctor is affiliated with this nursing home. I believe the care has also had an affect on the Alzheimer's. At this point, I'm debating whether I should even call hospice. Once a patient is on medicaid, does any one know the possibility of transferring a patient to another medicaid facility?

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The chances of moving her are slim to none. Most places have long waiting lists. Any changes have to flow through the Medicaid caseworker. I sense you have a great deal of anxiety and medication can help relieve that. Hospice will be happy to evaluate her, make the call . BUT please understand that Hospice means no more interventions, no ER visits and only their MD will issue any orders for care or medication. Comfort meds only, no meds are issued to treat any miscellaneous condition that pops up.
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I think the social worker at the nursing homes she is now in would be able to assist you with that.
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