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I worked at two LTC facilities. Cell phone use was not allowed and immediate dismissal from job if caught using one. I kept mine in my locker and would check messages etc on dinner break, if I was able to take dinner break. Also I wouldn't want cell phone on me as it could get ruined showering a resident..
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My Dad's caregivers have their cellphones on all the time. Dad's caregivers do shift work there is usually a call from the Agency looking for someone to fill another shift elsewhere. No problem.

Plus if my Dad is cat napping, which is normal, I see no issue with the caregivers using their cellphones as it could get pretty boring just sitting there watching my Dad dozing plus Dad has the TV on local 24-hours news which after the 20th time hearing the same news reports, one could go batty.

Now, if the cellphone is constantly ringing and there is a lot of personal chatting, well that's another issue.
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What aides? In a nursing home? Or in a private home setting? Are they chatting on their cells or playing games on them? Do the aides use their cell phones on a break or while working? Are the cell phones on and ringing or are the aides making calls or texting?
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