My father (who was my mother's primary caregiver) recently passed. Since that point, my siblings and I have been trying to do anything we can to make certain that my mother is safe and taken care of. There is no financial or medical POA in place. At this point she is in a nursing home, unable to care for herself, her home or her financial obligations. Most days she is completely catatonic and unable to complete a thought due to the excessive pain medications she takes for chronic back pain. (she is not mobile without the use of a wheelchair or walker) She is completely defiant about appointing a POA to help take care of these things for her. Although there is a savings account and life insurance (which none of us has access to) we do have access to her checking account so at the very least we can keep her bills paid. At some point there will be no funds remaining in that account. Some days she insists on going back to her home (5 acres of land, pool and sizeable house which she cannot take care of) to live on her own. My siblings and I all agree this is a bad idea and would like to see her either in a small home/apartment or assisted living. Every time we try to discuss with her she just gets angry. We are at our wits end on what to do to help take care of her. Our wish is that she sells her home and uses those funds along with her savings and life insurance to be in a place where she can be safe. We have thought of guardianship but the thought of taking our mother to court is heartbreaking.....any suggestions?

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If she is mentally incompetent, you will "win" any battle that involves her care. It sounds like she isn't competent when she is taking this medication. But if she is mentally competent, the courts and doctors will let her do what she wants to do . . . even if her own safety is at risk. It's a hard road.
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