I am replacing a heat pump for Mom under ownership status for her. She owns the house.

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It depends on local laws. In my municipality some kinds of work must be done either by a licensed plumber/electrician/whatever OR the homeowners can do it themselves. Either way a permit must be pulled and inspections must be passed.

I think the question here is, the owner (mother) certainly isn't going to do this herself. Can her son, with POA authority to act on her behalf, do it for her, if he follows inspection rules. I resume this is to save Mother the cost of a professional. Is that correct, Bryan?

Your municipal laws will be very clear about what permits and inspections are needed. I doubt very much that they address the question of whether a POA can do it even if not licensed, acting on behalf of the owner.

I have run into a similar question myself, when my son does home maintenance for me. I remember pulling one permit and not putting down a contractor's name. The clerk looked at me skeptically and asked, "Are you going to do this work yourself?" and I replied, "Well, with some help from my son." He shook his head but he issued the permit.

I don't know what it takes to put in a heat pump, what could go wrong, how serious the consequences would be, and whether mistakes would be easily caught on inspection. I imagine that those factors are at least in the clerk's mind when issuing a permit.

You may just need to go down to the permit place with the POA in your hand and see what happens. If they turn you down, you can take it higher.

When you find out how this works in your community, let us all know!
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can poa replace a heat pump for mother?

Bryan, I'm not sure what other kind of answers you are looking for. Lots of kids jump in and help their parents arrange major purchases whether they have POA or not. Is your mom incompetent? Are you doing this against her wishes?
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