Hello, we lost our uncle, he moved to live in US from Russia to Saint Francisco, but he doesn't pick up the phone. We got information that his son put him to aged people home, but which one, we dont' know...we can't contact him and dont' know if he is ok. He is about 80 already...and we care so much if he is ok there...Could you help us, please, to find him or just say how it is possible to do it by only knowing his name, his date of birth...Please, help us-we are very sad cause we dont' know where he is, if he is OK. Thank you so much, in advance!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have any details or you can give me a piece of advise, please, contact me

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I'm sorry to hear about this. Sometimes American families do this too. It is so sad.

One method would be to get a list of nursing homes and assisted living homes in the San Francisco area using Google. Get a Skype account so it won't cost a fortune, and call them all!

Or you could call
Department of Aging & Adult Services
1650 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Telephone: (415) 355-3555
to ask for advice.

OR: Consulate General of Russia

OR The Russian Center of San Francisco

You could hire an investigator, but that would be more expensive than using Skype, I think. Maybe the The Russian Center of San Francisco could tell you what homes are used most by Russians, and that would make the search shorter.
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thank you for idea, but this doesn't work...he keeps away from us for i even dont' know which reason...maybe, he doesn't want us to know that he put him in this house...he is not a solution....
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You do not know how to contact his son to find out where he is?
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