Please give me the details for a spouse to be able to receive a pension from the VA.

joann recommends going to your local VA office to get help. that's where you can ask about an increase is possible. (?)

you could call first before driving there.

have any important papers available when you call or drive to see them.

we would hate to say you were eligible for increase if it wasn't true. best to go direct to VA for answers. everyones benefit depends on their circumstances.
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I am already receiving aid & attendance from the VA for my spouse in the fantastic amount of a whole total of $45 per month - which incidentally really pays for nothing. But I do really appreciate your input re: this question. Do you happen to know whether or not there is any possibility of increasing this amount?????
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Its called Aid and Attendence. You can only receive it if your health care costs are more than your income. Like hiring help, medicines, or needing an Assisted Living. Go to your County VA office and the person there can help you get the info you will need. The Vet needs to have been in the service during wartime. Now this would be WWII, Korea and Vietnam.
Some posters have mentioned local American Legions and VFWs.
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