Are there places that take care of love ones for short periods of time?


To allow caregivers to go on vacation.

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Most Assisted Living places will take them for a month, but you have to plan months ahead of time, get the paperwork and health records in place and of course, pay for it up front.
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Most Assisted Living places will do what is called Respite care.
You should call and tour a few places and ask if they do Respite.
It may depend on how long you need the respite care. I had my husband in respite for 3 weeks. My main concern was when I returned would I be able to bring him home or would he become upset I had no problems at all with his transition. He was used to the facility since I was bringing him to the same place for Day Care. So he was used to the facility, the people and the routines.
You will have to have a doctors exam done and probably a TB skin test done.  You also need to decide if you need to have the facility a "locked memory care facility" or if he would do well with just Assisted Living arrangements. Cost will also be based upon if they have to give him medications or other detailed care. 
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