Help! I have a 51 year old special needs sister currently residing in an Elizabeth City, NC nursing home. She is functional but unable to live on her own. That's how she ended up there, unable to bathe, dress or give herself skin treatment on her own. She needs someone to cook her meals and tend to her wound care daily. She also needs companionship. I have looked into 41 communities within the VA and NC areas. Does anyone have any suggestions? She is either too functional for group homes and all the facilities either can't meet her needs or are too expensive. PRAYERS are also welcomed.

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Is she getting Medicaid?

I think a home health aide could satisfy the demands of living on her own, although I'm not sure about daily wound care. That might be the function of a private duty staffer. Home health care might be able to handle it, but my experience is that the actual home health care provided doesn't go much beyond assessment and taking vitals. And that also might be the extent of services ordered by a doctor.

I don't know whether home health care would provide daily wound services if a doctor ordered it. My experience is that 2 - 3 visits a week by a nurse are the norm, but a home health aide might be able to manage wound care, depending on how serious it is.

Have you gotten information on private duty agencies from (a) the state and/or local counties health or elder care departments (a) the Alzheimer's Assn. (very, very helpful) (b) Senior Centers? Area Agency on Aging can sometimes be helpful, but in our area, the Alz. Assn. is much more knowledge and acts faster to provide assistance.

I think you'll probably have to put together a home plan with a few different levels of support. I just posted a long answer on a different type of extensive home care on another thread. Perhaps those suggestions might be of help.

Just ignore those that don't apply, but consider investigating the home care agencies.

Another source might be a charity/association that addresses the type of medical condition your loved one has. They sometimes know of sources within a community.
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