My sister is 52, has multiple sclerosis, was a pot smoker until recently and smokes cigarettes, and her eating consists of sweets, eating out, and junk food when she does eat. She also doesn't shower for several weeks at a time. She has also been diagnosed with emphysema but won't quite smoking. I was told by my other sister that she is mildly bi-polar. She used to live with our father until he recently passed away. She is on social security disability at $937 a month. She also has memory issues and if she leaves, she can't remember how to get home. I also think she may have depression.

I don't know what to do with her and none of the siblings can take her in. Her daughter only took her in because she wants to use the money she gets from our dad's estate to buy a house and I'm concerned that her daughter may kick her out once she gets the house as she didn't want to take her in to begin with. Her daughter is also trying to get a power of attorney over her. While her memory isn't good, she seems to understand when asked questions.

Does anyone have any ideas of places that might take in someone where rent is subsidized and there would be some type of assisted living. She will only be getting about $60,000 from the estate. I would like her close to me and my other siblings. We live in the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Thank you for any help.

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Hi, sorry , I fell asleep after I posted on your las thread. And I don't really have a good answer for you. I googled assisted living with MS and found a great document about it from the national ms society. This site won't allow links or I would post it. But you can put in assisted living, national MS society in your search engine and I bet you will find the document .
Do you really think your niece would kick out your sister after the money is gone? Do they have a bad relationship? Is niece a stinker? If you are worried about your sister's safety try and contest that POA.
I am sorry you are going through this. It is nice that you are looking out for your sister!!! Good luck and I hope you get some better answers on here!!!!
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