My sister has DPOA, I have POA healthcare. Mom lives alone and refuse to move out of her home. She is combative, argumentive, unclean, home infested with insects, rodents, doesnt eat properly, hallucinates, cant remember family members.

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FF, I've never heard of a UTI infested one's home with rodents and bugs! :)

I think Pam has a good suggestion. Call 911 when her behavior is extreme, and don't bring her home from the hospital.

Another option is to call Adult Protective Services for a vulnerable adult living in unsanitary conditions, not eating properly, etc.

Let us know how this works out. You are certainly not the only family in this situation, and we learn from each other.
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Queenbee, when was the last time your Mom had a test for a urinary tract infection [UTI] ?... what you described sounds like symptoms of a UTI.
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When she is combative and hallucinating, you call 911 and get her taken to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation. From the hospital, move her to a safe facility instead of back home.
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