my 94 year old mother has been drinking alot latlely, has fallen twice. I spoke to a Rehab Center and they will not take her in, due to her age.

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thank you for your input! I will have her doctor see her soon.
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Ninety four and drinking? Wow. I've heard first hand stories of another caregiver in my area who forced her grandmother to stop drinking gin daily and the grandmother died about a month after that. If your mother's system is used to her being an alcoholic (would you describe your mother as "addicted to alcohol?"), you may not want to take away the alcohol completely... or at least consult a doctor first, please.

I don't see why you can't reduce it slowly, but still, please have a talk with her doc if you're thinking of removing alcohol completely at her age, if she's been a drinker for a long time.  
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Are the falls related to her drinking? Did she injure herself in the falls? What does she need to recover from? An injury? Her drinking?

Does she have other impairments, such as a heart condition or dementia?

What is her attitude about reducing or eliminating the drinking?
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