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Find Care & Housing
Adult day care, or some places call it something
Else. Most nursing care homes provide
It. depends on your area for cost. On
Average slightly one half of the daily
Also additional expense if the care home
Must do additional stuff.
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Most communities have a local senior center that is open daily and provides socialization, activities, crafts, outings, and daily lunch. My moms is like a $20 annual fee and then lunch cost is sliding scale or whatever they can afford never more than $4. They have entertainment, lectures, computer classes, library to just look at the paper, mags or read a book, exercise geared to elders, etc. it's wonderful, safe. Hope your mom will give it a try. She will meet new friends and likely see other friends aquaintences that she didn't know attended!

They are usually open M-F.

Also there are day centers to care for dementia or ALZHEIMER'S persons but it is more and depends on where you live.
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Your best bet would be to check into senior services or department of aging in your area. They should be able to give you a list of possibilities. Does your Mom have dementia or Alzheimer's? If so, your options would probably depend on how far along she is with the disease. In this case you might check with the Alzheimer's Association in your area. To be perfectly honest, if she does have AD or dementia and has progressed very far, you're probably not going to find anything that is inexpensive. If a doctor is involved and indicates that she needs services of some type, you might be able to get some based on your Mom's income. If she is still getting around and is of sound mind, the best resources are probably local senior citizens centers. They have all types of activities, normally provide a very inexpensive lunch, and she'd have a lot of social activity with other people her own age.
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