I have been caregiving for my mother and father for the past two years, my brother Built me a suite in their home for myself. I have had to quit my job sold my home and just recently sold my car, as I was running very low on money. I have been living off credit cards. My question is in British Columbia Canada is there any form of pay for the caregiver? I do not want to have to put my parents in a home as they love their home and it is absolutely set up perfectly for all their disability issues. They both have onset dementia, severe heart issues, and mobility issues both using a walker and falling down a lot. I worked in an old age home, and the last thing I want is to see them separated and living in one themselves. Any help I can get would be absolutely wonderful, thanks in advance

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Queen, I don't think there are any provincial or federal programs that compensate a family caregiver financially. There are income tax breaks for caregivers, but that would only apply if your parents are financially dependent on you and it sounds as though that is not the case. There was also the possibility of compassionate care benefit from EI, but since you have been unemployed for 2 years that ship has sailed as well.
The best way to get paid is to have your parents pay for the services you provide, room and board is not fair compensation if their needs are so great that you are unable to leave them alone long enough for you go out to work. Do your parents need all their income for daily expenses? Do they have savings? A little joke on the forum is that many of our parents have been saving all their lives for a rainy day but fail to recognize that it is already pouring!
You are young to have left the workforce, not only are you not earning an income but you are not contributing to CPP, which will effect your quality of life in the future. I was able to do what you are trying only because it made financial sense in my situation: mom paid me a salary which allowed me to make contributions to CPP, and I have expectations of a large inheritance in the future. Unfortunately I recently had to place mom in long term care which means no more salary and me thinking about re-entering the job market at the age of 57 after a long absence, even the best laid plans don't always work out the way we hope.
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I don't know anything about the benefits in Canada. Perhaps, someone else will.

I do think that I would explore the long term plans for your parents. Caring for two seniors with advancing dementia, seems like a huge challenge. I'd figure out what kind of help they are entitled to, since, it's unlikely you can do that 24/7. For seniors who have mobility issues, medical problems and dementia, I would think that there would be a lot of considerations, like in case of emergencies within the home. Is your brother able to help?

Some people in the USA consider long term care facilities as an excellent option for the care of their loved ones. I don't know anything about those in Canada, though.

I would be concerned about retirement and career options if you should need to return to the job market years later. I might consult with a financial planner for advice. With credit care debt and no income....I'd try to figure out a way to limit this pronto.
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