My mom has been in NH since April. she completed skilled nursing by June. Continued restorative excersise after that. I feel she needs more.

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I forgot to type this. I was thinking it the entire time, but it’s necessary everyone no mater their condition have PT. My daughter is so contracted at this point from not receiving the PT, that when I finally get her moved, it’s going to take extensive PT to get her extremities working in a normal manner. If they would only do what they said they were going to do, there wouldn’t be any issues. So just because your told your mama can and will receive PT, doesn’t mean it is going to take place.
My daughter wouldn’t be contracted if she were receiving any type of PT.
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The answer is yes, but does it happen? No. Unfortunately I had to recently put my 35 yr old daughter into a skilled NH that is a little over 3 hrs from me. It was the only Medicaid bed available. She acquired a severe, diffuse, axonal, traumatic brain injury with 6mm shifting, and short term memory loss in September 2015. She has only been in this skilled facility since July 27, 2017, as I’ve cared for her at home since her release from Shepherd. All out of pocket monies ran out, and the waiver programs that exist have a extensive wait list, however they don’t work. They make it impossible to care for your child or loved one at home, and still remain employed. Nobody enforces the rules, not do they care.
We (NH and myself) had a meeting to create my daughter’s daily care plan, as she requires 24/7 care. The meeting assured me, she would receive PT, speech (for cognitive rehabilitation), and receive the weight shifts she requires, etc. I was also assured she wouldn’t be left in the bed all day. Her day hours are 7am-9pm everyday. She doesn’t sleep during the day. If she does, she’s up all night. They also said they do not restrain or sedate their residents. I have recently found out that she is receiving meds that actually restrain and sedate her. So, even though they aren’t physically restraining or sedating her physically, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. We had come so far at home in a very short amount of time, and in less than 2 months, she’s worse than when I brought her home from Sheperd. I’m trying to get her out of this “4-star” facility. They don’t even enforce their own rules. I’ve been there almost everyday, and u less I’m there, she doesn’t get her diapers changed every 2 hrs, which is the rule. Unfortunately, my daughter can’t let me know anything because of short term memory loss. She can carry a conversation like you and I, but can’t recall the conversation after approximately 3-5 mins. She retains everything, it’s a recall issue due to her hippocampus. I put a camera in her private room that was not hidden the day she was admitted. The camera was removed within 24 hrs. by a CNA. By the way, whether you care for your loved one at home or they are in the hands of a skilled facility, the CNA’s (the person(s) who actually do all the laboring) control and rule the roost., and dictate how you or the facility are run. Without the cna’s, not one facility could open their doors. So.... they are allowed to get away with everything to include, but not limited to negligent behaviour, intentional neglect and abuse, and whatever they want. I’ve actually reported them for not doing their job, and they suffer no repercussions. Once I started doing that, all h*ll broke loose, and they were on a mission to get me banded from the facility, because I’m not afraid to speak up. The facility will not allow me to hire an outsider to come and be a companion (for human interaction) to and for my daughter. I want a trained individual who is familiar with tbi’s, and who can also work the companionship, to provide PT, Cognitive, and other necessary therapies, weight shifts, basically all the thing I was told was going to be given to my daughter from the skilled NH. Not until September 24, 2017 no one had given her a toothbrush to brush her teeth, she hadn’t been taken outside to see the daylight, they didn’t do anything they said they (the administration at the facility) would do.
My reply to your question is once again yes, but you have to stay on top of it, but be very careful how you approach your request, because your loved one will suffer the repercussions. I’ve actually been verbally threatened, that let me know, I need to watch myself, or my daughter, who once again cannot tell me or anyone else any positive or negative occurrences. But I stood ground when it came to her not being changed every 2 hrs. Unless I’m there, it’s every 10-12-14 hrs prior to her getting changed. They (the CNA’s) have actually lied to their superiors saying I hit my daughter after my daughter hit me. Neither of the above happened. I’ve spent over 150% of my time ensuring my daughter is and was never physically or verbally abused, while being cared for at home or in a facility. Had the camera been in her room, it wouldn’t be an issue, and the CNA never could have made a false allegation against me or anyone else. I learned a wealth of information last Saturday that absolutely dumbfounded me, and I cannot get any answers. I wanted my daughters blood drawn that day as she was comatose, I’ve never seen her like that. I was told that couldn’t be done without a doctors order, which the RN could put in the request on Monday I asked how often the doctor comes, and found out it was once a month. What I now know, which should have been told to me when I requested a blood draw, is, I could have requested they call an ambulance, but I wasn’t given that information, nor was it offered, by the RN. According to the meds she is now receiving, they are literally giving her a chemical lobotomy. Which is undoing everything we worked so hard on to retrain her brain.
I know this is way more than you asked for about the PT, but I want you and everyone else to know exactly how residents are treated and cared for in a skilled LTC nursing facility.
What upsets me the most, if animals were treated and lived and were being cared for in this manner, PETA would shut the facility doors in a skinny second.
We are talking about human beings who can or cannot defend themselves, that you’ve entrusted the facility with the care, well-being, safety, and definitely ensure they have some type of quality of life. Unfortunately, it’s not the case, and you have to micro manage (stay on top) of every aspect or your giving the person living in the facility a death sentence, and living a miserable life, until it occurs. It makes me sick to my stomach, that my daughter is having to live like this, because of fiduciary means. Unless your Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, no one is ever financially prepared when a life altering event happens.
They say.... Money is the root to all evil, and now I truly know what that means. I wouldn’t let my dog be boarded in this facility, and I’m left without a choice but to allow my child to actually live there.
Just stick to your guns, about the PT your nana needs, but always be politically correct, or you could be putting your mama in harms way.
Nobody wants to hear this, but it’s time, actually way past time that everyone open their friggin eyes, and actually do something about it. One person can’t do it. It goes back to the saying... “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well it’s going to take a myriad of villages to stop the neglect and abuse taking place and being brushed under the rug, in the skilled nursing homes/facilities.
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