Will supplying her a photo of her cat only prolong the memory? She is in AL and keeps asking for a photo of her beloved cat. I have decorated her room with lots of photos of family, friends and favorite singers, sports heroes beautiful scenes, fish, etc. She plans to go home to the cat one day and has no idea the cat and her home are gone and that is not an option. I never plan to tell her that, since it serves no purpose. I have learned that eventually, she is not likely to recognize anyone. Should I supply the cat photo of just keep putting it off? I don't want to prolong her memory of the cat if it will distress her.

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Okay. I took photos of the cat before it was rehomed and will hang it in a frame in her room.

I previously gave her one of those Purfect Petz, but she didn't bond with it. They are are lifelike pets that purr and slightly move, as if breathing, as they sleep. (battery operated) The fake cat looked much like her real cat, but she just never liked it. She actually hid it in a drawer.

I might try a stuffed cat that has a different color from her cat and see if that helps. I think she thought she was betraying her cat if she loved on a fake one.
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Absolutely give her a picture of her cat. Prolonging a memory.....AD doesn't really affect people that way. It's a neurological disease, totally arbitrary. If photos could prolong the memory of a person with Alzheimer's every family suffering with it would be snapping pictures 24/7.

I'm sure she'll love it.
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Give her the photo. I see no reason not to. Perhaps she'll think the cat is there with her and that will calm her. You might also try to find a child's toy (no buttons or things that can be removed or choked on) and give it to her; just petting the artificial fur could be calming and she may eventually think it is her real cat.
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