The situation involves Pradaxa,a 90+ yr old elder,a self sacrificing family member, a Greedy family member & a Needy undue influencer family member.

The elder took Pradaxa Feb 2011 and immediately was poisoned ultimately taking her life over 2 yrs,devastating her health,greatly increasing her care requirement ,her last 4 months no longer able to stay at home, requires a care home now, Suddenly Greedy sweeps down like a tsunami to kidnap/take over from the competent,self-sacrificing sibling who has provided extreme level of care for years,24-7,365.

The Greedy and the Needy have done nothing for the aging Great/Grandparent,done nothing to contribute to her care,done nothing to preserve the trust,no sacrifices were made,they did not rely on a contract or face economic ruin,a life on the dole in poverty as my reward for a job well done.

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If there was a trust, then there would be no need for probate.

If you don't understand the trust, schedule an appointment with the atty who did the trust (& perhaps still manages it) as to your status within it.
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I have to be careful what I say here because it does really touch a nerve when someone mentions economic ruin following giving care....IT IS A COMMON TRAIT and some people DO give up everything to ensure that their elders are cared for and some people do hover like vultures waiting to 'claim' anything they can. We have all seen or heard about it before.

If you had a contract to care for your elder however - you were working and that would be seen as a job (possibly even a job with benefits) as far as the other two family members were concerned. They may not have realised the emotions and the pressures that existed but why would they if they were not involved in the care.

What YOU need to do is to let go of the anger take control of your life and look to the future. To remain angry and vitriolic about past events will serve you no purpose and will not just mean you have financial issues but that you will face them alone because of your anger. Your sibling and niece/nephew won't want to be in contact because of your approach. They are family - they may be your only family - we don't know. Try to put your anger behind you - call your sibling explain why you were so angry and explain your fears for the future - if you give them a chance maybe they can explain how they felt too. It might just surprise you that Needy and Greedy were in fact Shut Out and Cut Off, in their eyes or even envious that you were so competent at care they felt you needed a break and that they could manage the next stage as their contribution. But while you have all this built up anger you will never know and I suspect you are not through the grieving process yet. Take time out to grieve
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I assume you were the self-sacrificing caregiver when the elder took Pradaxa and allegedly was poisoned? If so, why didn't you do something about it - ask the doctor to stop the med, switch to Warfarin or take other action?

Have you been involved with any class action lawsuits against the manufacturers of Pradaxa? Do you have medical proof it caused this poisoning?

What do you mean that you were "cut out of trust in probate"? One of the purposes of a trust is to avoid probate. And what is it that you expected Greedy and Needy to do to preserve the trust?

Honestly, there's enough venom in your post to kill an elephant. It's clear that there are strong family dynamics at play, a lot of hatred on your part, but if you'd repost and explain the situation with less vitriole and more facts you'd find that the responses will be much more helpful.

You can criticize me all you want for being "insensitive", but posts that are short on facts and long on rhetoric prevent posters from knowing what the real situation is to be able to offer help.

Take some time out, calm down, and repost a factual explanation so people can help you.
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My Mom takes Pradaxa for A-fib and it's worked as promised.. It's a blood thinner?

I don't understand why you think Pradaxa makes family greedy?
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Additionally, Pradaxa is a blood thinner. Why do you think it caused personality changes? Maybe you mean a different medication ?
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"Self-sacrificing" and "doing this in order to inherit" are not the same thing where I come from. I was taught early by my parents never to do anything based on what someone promised in a will. That's just allowing yourself to be manipulated.

You had a caregiving contract and we're paid for your work? That's great! You have a marketable skill. Have you started courses toward your CNA? Not sure why you are facing a life on the dole.
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