Anyone know of personal speakers for hard of hearing?

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My 86 year old mother has some significant hearing loss and can't hear the TV unless the volume is really loud. I have been wanting to get her a personal speaker so it's only really loud near her. I doubt she would wear headphones because she still wants to be aware of what's happening around her. Does anyone know if something like this exists and where to find it? What to search for etc. My internet searches so far have only turned up wireless headphones and expensive sound systems to make my house sound like a theater.

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I worked from home and absolutely could not tolerate the television on high volume. I didn't want to block my own hearing because I needed to be aware of what was going on in the house. I got my husband a high-quality wireless headset. He wasn't too keen on wearing it to start with, but when he discovered he could walk into the bathroom and still hear the sports announcer he thought it was pretty neat.

I had this advantage. He knew I needed to work. He needed to cooperate so that I could be at home with him. The earphones were not negotiable. I didn't make many demands, but that was one.
We had a set-up for my Dad. We attached a used stereo receiver to the TV. Then we ran a speaker wire to a small speaker that we put on the side table next to his chair. That way we could control the volume of the speaker separately from the TV volume. Not pretty, but it worked well. We pointed the speaker toward him and it was loud enough for him without blasting us out. in addition, I think that it improved the quality of the sound.
Try TV ears. There is a headpiece involved but its very light. She can put up the volume but it doesn't effect the TV volume.
I bought my mother little speakers off of Amazon hooked them up to a wire to the TV and she is very happy. very lightweight. She holds them to her ears and is a happy camper.
A friend passed along that they had repurposed their now unused wireless baby monitor, positioning the baby end very near the tv, and the speaker near hard of hearing Dad. Worked great!!!!!
Closed caption if her vision is still good.
If Audibel hearing centers still exist, they had them. Also try an audiologist in your area.
I think this is a case of "tough love". You tell her in no uncertain terms - she either wears a hearing aid so she can hear the t.v., and it is not turned up so everyone is blasted into space - OR THERE WILL BE NO TELEVION. Stand your ground. She must cooperate and if she doesn't cooperate, well, then ignore her. I am sorry but this is the only thing that works with these people. Good luck.
Phone Talker from WalMart. It has earbuds but you don't need to put them in her ears, they can dangle over her ear or clip to her shirt. She only needs 1 to hear.
We used a sound bar an installed it on the wall by the head with wires abd that was years and years ago now they have wireless, but the sound bar was great. The volume on the tv can be all the way down, but turned up on the sound bar near the head or anywhere near your loved ones area where they watch tv. We also had to put a nice chair with a 55 inch tv in their room bcuz I hate tv and after 4 years of tv morning until night I went nuts myself. So my husband told his dad no more tv on common areas and we have had no tv in the living room for 6 years. I havent regained sanity, but I have been able to live in this situation longer. You have to think of the long haul and self preservation. Not just for you, but for them too. If you dont do what makes you happy as well you wont last. I went to very very very dark places when I put all his needs, wants and desires before my own. It was on this website I learned there must be balance. I hope this helps.

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