Can a person with Alzheimer's make up stories seem to be so true its awful sad? -

Can a person with Alzheimer's make up stories seem to be so true its awful sad?


My mam twice lately have god love her she such angel doctor said she got much worse can still cook dinner some days perfect.

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I found out there's actually a word for this, 'confabulation' I think. It means to make up, or put together stories. My mother-in-law used to do that when she first started showing signs of dementia/Alzheimer's, especially after my father-in-law died and I started spending MUCH more time with her. She'd come up with the wildest stories, that I'd just drop my jaw and stare at her. Then one day while listening to her I heard her talk about something that happened to her that had actually happened to ME! I'm thinking, what the heck? I finally figured out that all the things she'd heard in her lifetime (that was a long time) and/or experienced personally had gotten all jumbled up in her brain and was coming out as stories of reality to her. She could no longer remember the difference between what had really happened to her or her family, and what she'd heard from movies & TV and read in the newspaper or in a book for that matter. That was about 6 years ago I think. NOW I'd love to hear one more confabulation story that I could drop my jaw in amazement at. Those days are over, her words no longer make sense in context to anyone but herself. I just hold her hand and laugh or nod and say "it's ok, everything is ok".
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My mom has been doing this for about 5 yrs (she is 93 with dementia). Some of stories are extremely detailed, horrendous, hurtful - even funny at times. I used to find them horrifying and take them personally. But thru this site and all that I have learned; now I just listen (not agreeing or disagreeing) and allow her to go on and on. Then we move on to something else, go for a walk, etc.
It doesn't last; but for its time -- it is my mom's reality and she truly believes they are real and happening in that moment.
Best advice: Listen, let it go and don't take it personally. Educate others who may be hurt by these stories and explain its part of the disease.
I've had to educate police when mom called them to say I stole her purse, or stole money from her bank account. They know now. SHe has even called her lawyer to sue me over bank stuff when mom doesn't realize that she withdrew money on her own, etc. I get ruffled, but explain situation and tell them pursue if they want but she has dementia -- and they know her well enough now that they don't do anything.
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Yes, someone with Alzheimer's can make up stories. Some of the stories can cause so much trouble for whoever's involved. The stories can be about abusive family members, people who are stealing from them, being sexually abused, family members trying to poison them, etc.

To minimize the damage done by these stories all family members have to understand and agree that their loved one is just making up stories, that none of it's true, and that it's just the dementia. Family members have to support one another while caring for someone with dementia otherwise there'll be chaos and suspicion.
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