If a person suffers from diabetes, then how he can be get relief from that disease, or what he have to eat during those days? Please tell me.

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That person must work with a doctor. The doctor will give you information about what to eat and how to watch your blood sugar. This is very important, so please see a doctor right away.
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Is this person who has diabetes someone you are caring for? A doctor, possibly an Endocrinologist, can determine if they have Type I or Type II diabetes. Type II is more common with the elderly. The doctor will prescribe the medication or insulin that is required to bring the blood sugar levels down. If it's Type II, it is often controlled with pills and diet. They can recommend the types of foods that are helpful to keep blood sugars down. Of course, avoiding high sugar foods and drinks is helpful. Monitoring your own blood sugar several times per day will help show you how things are going. Regular doctor visits will be required during this period.

The American Diabetes Association has a website that is quite helpful for those with diabetes and their family members.
You might also see a Certified Diabetes Educator. You doctor may have one in their office or can refer you to one.

I attend an annual day long seminar called Taking Control of Your Diabetes. They have a site too. It gives support and education on living with diabetes.

I hope things go well for you.
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Diabetes is a complicated disease. The best thing you can do is research, list your questions and concerns, and discuss them with your doctor or his/her nurse practitioners.

The Diabetes organization would also be helpful. Call local hospitals and ask if they have diabetes support groups. Joining one would provide support as well as information.

There's a diabetic cooking magazine I've seen on the magazine racks in stores. It would help you understand the implications of various foods and plan meals.

There might even be a diabetes forum online.

Self education is the best way to start. Good luck!
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Oh yes. That's the one thing I do know about. I'm a Type I diabetic. It's a huge responsibility. One good thing is that practice does help you cope better and there are so many new and exciting treatment possibilities. Bringing your blood sugar under control will make you feel so much better and preserve your health.
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