The man I care for will usually let me drive when we are going to a hospital or other medical facility/appointment, which is a good thing. However, during routine errands in the week, I am most often the passenger. I must say that I do feel safe when he does drive, but I also realize the full picture. He loves the ability to drive his car whenever he wants, and who could blame him. My concern is for his safety, his passengers' safety, and for the safety of the many pedestrians crossing streets as he drives. Is there anything I can do?

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I have several questions about your concern:
1. Are you adequately insured under his insurance policy? I ask because you are an employee of his? Or are you covered by the agency that you work for.
2. Is his insurance policy in force? has he been making payments on it? Perhaps it has lapsed.
3. How will you measure when you stop feeling safe? After an accident.
4. Has he had accidents that were not reported to his insurance company? It is possible for a person with dementia to pay privately for repairs. I know that personally, as I have been responsible for repairing cars for persons with dementia where they paid directly.
I question whether you are really are safe riding with him.
Good luck
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If you stop feeling safe about his driving, then it is time to not get in the car. He is showing good judgment by having you drive to unfamiliar places.
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Since you feel safe when he drive, let him continue to drive until the dementia gets to a point where it become bothersome. Otherwise, you will become the full-time driver... I've been my parents driver for 5 years and I am completely frazzled to a point where I now hate to drive anywhere [work is the exception].
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