Person has activated HC POA and financial POA. Is person able to sign documents regarding land rental, etc?


Person lives in Wisconsin. Children are feuding. One is having patient sign papers without POA or HCPOA knowing about it. Is patient's signature valid even though patient doesn't remember signing them? Patient has dementia/Alzheimer's. Also, patient is in assisted living but family member disagrees and says patient could live at home.



Sorry to hear about the family feud - that really makes everything harder.

My understanding is that as long as a person has not been declared incompetent, they can sign documents. POA/HCPOA lets you act when a person cannot for any number of reasons (depending on the document's wording). You may need to pursue getting a letter of incompetency from LO's doctor and/or seeking guardianship. Be aware that POA can change if a new POA document is signed.

If there's feuding then you probably need to engage a elder law attorney ASAP.
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