My Mother has been with us for 4 months now and has alzheimers. Of course our monthly expenses have increased. Such as having to keep the house alot warmer and grocery expences. I've had power of attorney for four years now and Mom has been living with my sister. I would write her a check each month but now that the check would be coming to me I feel a little strange and want to make sure that it doesn't appear that I'm taking money from an elderly parent inappropriately. I hesitate to ask the question only because I don't want it to appear inappropriate. (Mom has been sick for two weeks now and I've taken off work with no pay to care for her.)

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You have POA so you do have the ability to compensate yourself. Also, with mom living with you your expenses have increased as you said so ethically there's no problem with mom kicking in what she can, or what you feel is fair. Also, you paid your sister every month from mom's account for HER expenses as a result of your mom living there so I can't imagine your sister having a problem with you paying yourself for your mom's expenses. However, talk it over with your sister just to make sure everyone is on the same page and that there is no confusion later. And if, for some strange and twisted reason, your sister has a problem with it do it anyway. As adults we wouldn't expect to go and live with someone and not contribute financially and your mom is no different just because she's "mom" and is elderly.
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