How can I find out how much money a person on Medicaid in a Pennsylvania nursing home is allowed to have in the Resident Account and still qualify for Medicaid? Thanks.

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The $ in their at the NH resident trust fund account is considered to be an asset. Most states Medicaid have in a facility Medicaid non-exempt asset max at 2k. You can ask the NH business office what the specifics are & balance on account if you are DPOA. The NH should send out a statement of the account every 90 days..... my moms first NH didn’t ever but her second NH did & it was in an interest bearing account.

Remember if they are on Medicaid, every month - if they are a widow or widower- all monthly income (like SS) is paid to the facility as the required copay or SOC (share of cost) EXCePT for whatever your state has set as their personal needs allowance. Like for my mom in TX, the PNA was $60 a mo, so if all income was going directly to NH, the resident fund would build by $60 each mo. My mom was on a scheduled beauty shoppe visit so that bill was deducted from her resident account. Some NH charge for cable or in-room phone & the “fee” is deducted each mo from resident trust fund account.

There have been posts on this site where a family member or even dpoa wasn’t aware of the PNA; so it built up & went way waaay over 2k. Which places their medicaid eligibility in jeapordy. Often a facility will do a big spend down - like for a wheelchair or expensive walker - to keep a Medicaid problem from happening.
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