My husband is now in a nursing home.

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RWP - as a couple with 1 of you going into a NH and applying for Medicaid and the other continuing to live at home (you considered the "Community Spouse") the rules for Medicaid are quite different than for a widow/er going into the NH,. It's a lot more complex as the state doesn't require you to become impoverished. Only hubs needs to meet whatever Medicaid requires for your state financially.

Really you need to meet with an elder law attorney with experience in couples planning. ANd you really need to do this soon & before you do hubs Medicaid application, For couples, most states seem to do a "snapshot" day in which your financial situation is fixed based on that day. So if you need to move $ or sell both cars to get 1 better more dependable car, well you have to get these things done BEFORE the application and its snapshot day. You just want to do whatever you can to maximize your situation so that you don't spend down any more than you have to as the CS. Really you need good legal to provide options that work for your state. Good luck.
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You may own a car and a house and still qualify for Medicaid.
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