My 86 yo dad with Alzheimer's has had "pee issues" for a while now. Although he had been diagnosed with an enlarge prostate, he wasn't put on any treatment. About a month ago he began to really be unable to hold it. In the last week he was literally going to the toilet every hour, day-and-night. With the Alzheimer's we had a complicated time trying to keep him dry. Countless changes of underpants, use of depends, bed liners, etc.

Anyway, now day two of using terasine, an alpa-blocker that relaxes the neck of his bladder (and thus allows some renewed control of his bladder) and he ca generate some decent flow and seems to empty enough to go a couple hours without a toilet trip. Wow!

His urinary International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) went from a 29 severe to 16 moderate by my tabulation.

We are carefully watching to see if he gets woozy from the meds. He's on 2 mg now, and I'm wondering if this works well should we ump it up higher. He's concurrently on Finasteride.

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