My dad died earlier this year due to complications from Alzheimer's. This forum was very helpful to me during that time.
One issue now is that when he was in the SNF, the hospice nurse discovered the SNF had not administered one of his required medications the entire time he was there. The SNF did their own investigation and came to the same conclusion. It appears my dad did not suffer any ill effects from the lack of the medication, but still, when you pay an SNF you pay to not only make sure he is given all proper meds and care, but to have the peace of mind this is being done.

I believe since the SNF did not provide all services, we should receive a break on the fees, as we did not get what was paid for.

They don't seem to see it this way. Any advice in dealing with them? Why should we pay for the entire bill when the required services were not provided. In fact, who knows what other required care was not given. I do know when there we always had to tell the nursing aides my dad was supposed to get mouth swabbed out before and after meals, and unless we were there to remind them, they never did it. That is not as huge of an issue as not giving the meds, but another example of negligence.

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From a contractual point of view, it’s a bit tricky. Did you or your father suffer any damage? If not, there is no $$ damages to award you for breach of contract. If you want punitive damages because it was obviously wrong, will a judge oblige and how are the damages going to be assessed?

You may be better off making a complaint, which will certainly be a cheaper option for you. If this suggestion seems wrong, remember that there are many many deaths where people feel that something went wrong and that is would have been better ‘if only’ something different had occurred. It’s a normal part of grieving. With the benefit of hindsight it is frequently true, just too late to do differently.
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Thanks. I am biased of course, but in my mind it goes beyond that. I feel like my father was violated. And we pay for SNF to make sure they are not violated. I guess making a huge deduction on bill would not necessarily negate that feeling of being violated, but when you pay to make sure your loved one is getting care you cannot provide, you feel cheated.
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If they have agreed with the Hospice Nurse then I think they should deduct for the med and what they charge for administrating it.
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