We placed my sister in an assisted living facility earlier this year. Unfortunately, she had several medical emergencies that required her to be hospitalized. After each hospitalization she went to a sub acute rehab facility. When she met the requirements for discharge she returned to the assisted living facility. In reviewing the details, she has only occupied her room in AL 27% of the time that has been paid for.

On the current bill I am looking at, she is being billed for basic services, various levels of different support services, cable/TV, personal laundry services. Other bills were similar but with some variations.

I sent an email to the Finance Manager and referenced her occupancy rate and questioned if some adjustment should be made to recognize the disparity between time paid for vs. time occupied.  I have received no response, so I guess that is their answer.

If you have dealt with a similar situation, were you able to get a reduction in current or future bills that recognized the great disparity between 100% occupancy and actual occupancy? What did you do? How did you approach it?

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I think it's reasonable to question the a la carte services (like laundry, or meds dispensing) but not the actual lease and cable/tv bill... I mean, in our home we have to pay for cable whether we're home or on vacation or sick...
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You still have to pay your bills even if you aren’t in your apartment. This is no different.
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The 'rent' of the room still gets paid if you are there or not. You don't get a break on your rent or mortgage when you take a weeks vacation, correct? You may get something back for the care services since they were not needed. In my father's AL, if you were gone more than 2 weeks they would credit your account for additional services...if you were only gone a couple days, then no.
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Thank you for your input. It has been helpful in putting things in a proper perspective. This whole situation is a major learning experience for me. But the main positive take away is the motivation I have to make sure our affairs are in order to minimize problems for our sons.
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It is much like an apartment, ALF.
So you pay the basic rate for certain.
If she is gone for weeks at a time, you may be able to get some adjustment on laundry or something other, but not a lot. As you will recognize, whether she is there or not, the housing with basic rate means that room is occupied. No other resident can come in on first level of care (laundry, food, etc) because that unit is occupied.

The packet on admission may have spoken of this. And the truth is that ALF may not be a good fit for her if she is not able to occupy it.

As each ALF is a business model in and of itself and unto itself, they make the rules and regs and if she isn't happy then they would expect her to move on.

I know it doesn't seem right, but they buy their food, hire their employees by the number of residents in occupancy. And just because that resident may choose to "visit my daughter for a month" doesn't mean that the charges go away.

I hope they will be able to work something to your satisfaction, or give you an explanation that makes sense for you.
Best of luck and I hope Sister will thrive and be able to take advantage of all her ALF has to offer her soon.
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check the detailed contract you have with the AL. there may be a detailed policy on this listed out
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When my FIL was in the hospital and rehab , the only credit AL gave was for meals. His was an all inclusive facility , pay one price every month with basic care needs included . He was not credited for not receiving care from staff or not needing his laundry done etc . If he had needed a higher level of care , that would have been an extra charge .
The contract spelled out specifically that the only credit was for meals .

If you were in an apartment you would still have to pay your rent and utilities whether you are there or not , same thing .

Some facilities may be more generous with credits for the laundry, care and other services etc .
The contract should spell out what happens when they are not occupying the room . Whoever signed the contract agreed to the terms.
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I would question any care being billed but, as far as utilities and such, yeah those have to be paid regardless.
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If you rent a house or an apartment and go on vacation or are in the hospital you do not get a break in the rent because you are not there.
AL would be the same...her apartment is there for her to return to, they do not sublet it to someone else.
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In my Moms AL it also was after two weeks the care part of her bill was dropped. But she paid for room and board. Also, things like laundry and cleaning were included in her rent. Needvto read her contract.
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