I would not think so, it seems it could be considered a gift or donation by Medicaid. And what if she passes before that prepaid rent is used?
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Thanks. Never married. 63 and was living off a small inheritance until 65 to apply for social security. No insurance. Never sick so never needed it. Now has hospital bills in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Will apply for SS (approx 3 mo wait) Does not qualify for Medicaid because there’s over 2,000. in bank acct. so need to pay down assets (also 3 - 4 mo wait. Home with home health and rehab and doing well. Needs to have $ for rent, utilities, etc while waiting for SS, SSI (which i’ve been told is a 6 month wait) and Medicaid to commence. Met with a lawyer - helpful but not able to help with applications. Meeting with a social worker on Tue. Difficult to work through the maze and do things in the right order to avoid penalties. Thanks for your words.
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There are two things to be determined here. Ur friend is eligible at 62 for SS by just signing up. It should start in 2 months time. bad is her disability from the stroke? She will get more SS by being disabled. But proving it may take longer. Has she been married before and if so how long? Ten years or more she is entitled to some of her husbands SS. Widowed too. With all this info, call SS and have them work out getting SS now or file as disabled. If disabled means more money then go to a lawyer who deals with SS. It will cost friend nothing. Lawyer will be paid by SS. She may be able to collect SSI during the time it takes for disability. If she is found disabled, she will get Medicare and Medicaid as secondary.

I don't understand paying rent up front. Until you are approved for any of the services you listed, you need to pay your own bills. There is a retro payment with SS disability from the date of filing. Meaning, if u file in January and receive it in June you get an initial payment covering the six months.

The only time, I think, you pay down for Medicaid is if you r going into a NH and need Medicaid to help pay your care. Medicaid for health insurance has a different criteria. My nephew, 28, receives SSD. He receives Medicare and Medicaid. He is allowed to earn 20k a year. He has 5k in the bank, the SS retro money. Its probably different for everyone.
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