My grandmother gave me $3000 three ago to pay off my credit card. How should I pay this money back if she applies for Medicaid?


How should I return this money to her checking account to ensure that I follow the guidelines for Medicaid? Medicaid looks back 5 years into all transactions & I am concerned that this will be flagged. What are the medicaid requirements for returning this money to her account?

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195Austin makes sense. It may make sense to draw up a little contract with her to show you are paying her back, and then keep records of payments. Of course, if you can pay it all back, do so. But be sure and keep a receipt for that, as well. Good luck.
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I would make a plan with her that you can afford Medicaide is not so much worried about honest people as they are with those who try to beat the system as long as you make a effort to pay back the money-when I was doing the paperwork a few years ago they were interested in any withdraws of 2000 dollars. Since you are planning to pay her back I would not worry about it-just make payments as the two of you agree.
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