Main job is not difficult but is critical. Patient is diabetic, must use test strip to test blood sugar level & administer insulin through patients’ built in insulin pump. Patient goes to bed in afternoon. Not really a difficult care situation with this one important aspect.
Existing care person will happily train substitute on this & other aspects.

Is your friend eligible for Medicaid? If so, they might find someone through IHSS.
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You may want to ask the current caregiver if he or she has any suggestions for this substitute caregiver. Other than that ask at any area how they would advertise for such a person. The problem with some agencies is that they get paid and the caregiver gets paid, markedly escalating the cost. The insulin pump of course may prove a problem as not everyone is trained in the use of same. This forum isn't really an advertising site at all, but someone may see and answer you, I suppose.
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