My mother was moved from one nursing home to another with no, notice. It is called patient dumping. After she was transfered she was so traumatized. The home that dumped her took her back after a week and a half, however she is going down hill and will never be the same. What to do?

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Nevada is being sued for patient dumping by California. A state run mental hospital was putting people on the bus and shipping them out of state with no real discharge plan in place. This is no surprise. Remember the advice that has even been given here at times....take your loved one to the ER and don't take them back. Motives are different but the drastic changes imposed on the patient are tough. In this situation find out what happened. Consider going after the first place legally if it doesn't make sense.
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Just did some quick research and found this, which might help provide background information as well as legal recourses for you:

1. Inspector General of the Health and Human Services Department:

2. Information on patient dumping by hospitals:

3. Article by an elder law attorney on nursing home patient dumping:

Note that this website states federal law requires 30 days' notice of eviction.

Rec'd your PM. I'm thinking you might also want to contact the attorney general for the state in which your mother's nursing home is located. It's not clear whether jurisdiction resides at the federal level and/or federal and state, but it's worth a try.

There are in some areas ombudsman/woman agencies which help with advice for nursing home situations. You can see if you can find any.

I think you're headed in the right direction, and the more help you can get the better.

Good luck; please keep us updated. I'm interested in learning more about this as I've never heard of it before and it's a particularly nasty issue.
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I've never heard of this. Why was she transferred?

I think I'd immediately start looking for another home, and specifically ask if they "dump" patients.

It's impossible to imagine how unsettling and destabilizing this have been. My next project would be making lists of who to complain to and where to file complaints just as soon as I found a better place for Mom.
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